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Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary with Ivri Lider and Assaf Amdursky

In recognition of Tel Aviv’s 100th anniversary, MP produced a spectacular show headlined by Israeli pop sensation Ivri Lider and renowned singer/producer Assaf Amdursky. As one of the biggest selling contemporary artist in Israel, Lider has been cited as one of the top ten people to impact the Israeli music industry. As an openly gay artist Lider has been a vocal advocate for LGBT rights and was included in OUT Magazine’s 2007 list of “the 100 most important gay icons world-wide”. Amdursky has emerged as one of Israel’s most multi-talented artists and in addition to his nine completed studio albums, Amdursky has lent his musical talents to a number of films, winning the 2008 Ophir award for “best composer”. The Israeli-style celebration was held at “The Guvernment”, one of Toronto’s most celebrated venues and brought a taste of Israel to Toronto. Partygoers celebrated Tel Aviv’s centennial while singing along to Lider’s pop ballads and dancing away to Amdursky’s club beats. “I felt I was just in Tel Aviv! I’ve never been to a party like this in Toronto!” said a reveler. Lider then supplemented the show with a cultural workshop held at the city’s only recognized gay church, and discussing his own sexual-identity, Lider sought to promote unity and pride amongst LGBT communities world-wide.


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