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Tamar Eisenman is a unique musician singer-song writer and a gifted guitar player. Tamar has the amazing ability to mix crisp guitars and true feminine folk and funk into a new female golden groove. Tamar has 3 official releases. The first, in 2003, called 'Tamar Eisenman', an EP of folk groovy tracks that was played and recorded independently at her home studio. A year and a half later, in 2005, Tamar released her début LP named '5feet4', featuring 15 powered, groovy rock songs produced by Amir Ben Ami, of the leading Israeli Hip-Hop band 'Ha'Dag Nachash'.


Tamar Eisenman is emerging as one of Israel's unique voices. This young but experienced artist brings an accurate combination of vulnerability and ruggedness, shyness and extroversion, pain and joy. All these feelings blend into a fabulous musical concoction. In 2009, after one EP and one LP, Eisenman released her second, self-produced album Gymnasium, and was flooded with praise from the local media. The critiques crowned her as “Israel's New Groove Princess” . Tamar created ‘Gymnasium’ in her unique style she refers to as ‘Hip-Rock’, which reflects her frantic lifestyle. The songs were written on the guitar or by an adventurous blending of sounds and grooves. Gymnasium represents Tamar's rhythm, musical vision and way of working. She successfully created a new musical identity with each song and a whole album which presents her musical range.


Listening to her music is like walking through a miracle door into her magnetic sound and being swept away by the personal feel she gives to each chord. Tamar is an enormous mass of energy tightly packed in a compact physique. Her modest stature stands in great contrast to her overwhelming charisma and musical force. With a true feminine funk-groove, resounding in her typically crisp guitar reefs and blasting beats, she leaves you spellbound by the end of the show. "Big small lady"- Jeff Beck October 2010 Tamar opens for Jeff Beck in Israel. Tamar starts her journey to her new album. August 2011 Tamar released her third LP studio album - Time For Creation. 12 tracks with drum n bass, guitar liks and and trombone-sax-trumpet section. 12 songs, lyrics and melodies confronting subjects like fate, inspiration, creation, live music and love. produced by Tamar Eisenman.


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