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erry Sakharof started his musical career at the age of 16 as a member of the Cosmic Dream. Another member was his friend, Rami Fortis. Together they performed in rock clubs in Israel. Sakharof first came to the public attention in the 1980s. Right after his military service Sakharof flew to Belgium where he became a founding member of Minimal Compact, the first Israeli rock band to achieve significant success outside Israel. The band recorded six albums. In 1988, Minimal Compact broke up after the members did not get work visas for the United States, where they planned a concert tour. Sakharof and fellow former Minimal Compact guitarist, Rami Fortis, began an extended period of collaboration, eventually returning to Israel and producing many songs. After leaving Fortis, Sakharof continued producing albums. Producing a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist and producer Rea Mochiach, the album was chosen as the 11th best album ever (and the highest ranking for an Israeli album) by a readers' poll on the popular news site ynet.


By the mid-1990s, Sakharof's was one of the highest-grossing live acts in Israel, and he was commonly referred to in the media as the "prince of Israeli rock". Sakharof's biggest commercial success came in 1998 with the release of Touches, that reached platinum within several days. In 2001 his album "The Other" was released. The album included the song "Lord of World" which was written by Barry Hazak, a soldier who died in the Yom Kippur War, and a cover of Ehud Banai's song "City of Refuge". The album's name was taken from the perception of "The Other" (French: 'L'autre') of the French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, who is also quoted in the album's booklet. "Monsoon" was the only song from the album broadcast on the radio as a single. In the same year Sakharof wrote soundtracks for two Israeli movies. In 2002, Sakharof collaborated with Erez Aizen, and Amit Duvedevani of Infected Mushroom to create the Birthday EP. During 2005 his album 11 Alef was released. The album is the result of about two years of mutual work with Rea Mochiach (who moved to the United States after the release of the album 'Signs of Weakness') during Mochiach's occasional visits to Israel. The album was sold in the first week only on the Internet in the MP3 format and later released to the music stores. After the release of the album, Mochiach arrived in Israel and participated in a short concert tour with Sakharof. In 2006 Sakharof reunited with Fortis for a new album and a tour.


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