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Shay Gabso is a 26 years old religious Israeli artist. Shay became religious at the age of 12, and grew up in a traditional family. He studies at a yeshiva everyday and performs religious songs such as "Arim Roshi", and "Eli Eli". In addition to performing, Shay also studies acting, and writes books and scripts. In 2003 Shay Gabso was discovered when he took part in the first season of "Kochav Nolad", the Israeli version of American Idol", where he reached the finals together with Ninet Tayeb. Kochav Nolad was the most viewed TV program in Israel at the time, and announced as the show of the decade.


Soon after Shay released his first single "Yom Veod Yomaim" which instantly became a major radio hit. His debut album "Arim Roshi" contained hits including: "Amilim Haserot", and "Arim Roshi." In the same year, Shay Gabso was awarded the title Singer of the Year and his song "Yom Veod Yomaim" was announced as Song of the Year in various radio stations across Israel. In 2006," Shay released Bimkomi", his sophmore album which he both wrote and composed. A hit off the album, the song "Tagidi Li At" was written by Gabso and lieutenant colonel Yair Ben Shalom, the military commander of Liat; a soldier who was killed in 1994 in a terrorist attack. Afterwards Shay went through a long period of sole searching - living by streams in a caravan and then moving to Jerusalem, before finally returning to Tel Aviv. Inspired by this experience, in 2009 he released his third album, "Caravan", with the hits: Argazim, Neshek and Shmor Al Ahemuna. The album was praised by the press and public for the evident changes seen in Shays personality and art form. Shay worked on the album together with the band "Mirrors", which formed a strong bond with the band members and added to the sound and strength of their performances. He performs together with Mirrors in a new performance containing the hits from the new album, along with his well known songs of his previous albums which were adapted in a way that serve them perfectly.Gabsos future as a musician seems promising, as his third album led him to become become one of the most interesting artists in Israel.


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