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Motek Artists

Israeli singer/songwriter Shalom Hanoch is perceived by many as one of the most influential artists in the country. Starting as a successful songwriter while still a teenager, Hanoch had a pivotal role in introducing rock music to the Israeli public. Decades later, Hanoch continued to rock, releasing acclaimed albums and giving late-night performances in clubs to an ever-growing fan base.


In 2010 Shalom Hanoch launched a new concert named "Arba Tachanot" (Four Stations), taking a tour through stations in his entire career. The first station was dedicated to the albums "Shablul", "Plastelina" and "Shalom"; The second one to "Adam Betoch Atzmo" and "Sof Onat Hatapuzim"; Third station focused on "Hatuna Levana" and "Al Pney HaAdmaa" and the fourth to "mechakim LaMashiach" and "Rak Ben Adam". These concerts were custom to feature surprise guests such as Ehud Banay, Berry Sakharof, Rita, Aviv Geffen, Tom & Orit Petrober (Hayehudim), Ninet Tayeb, Romi Hanoch, Assaf Amdursky, Dana Berger, Yizhar Ashdot abnd Keren Peles. The concerts were documented on a live concert album of 4 Cds, as well as on DVD.


  • YouTube Long Shadow
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