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Motek Artists

ashina, one of our nation’s most popular rock bands, have grown to become true Israeli icons, with a loyal following spanning two generations of Israeli music lovers.


Considered Israel's most important and influential rock band, their musical style has been inspired by ska and hard rock, among others. The musical growth of Mashina can be mapped to different influences across their albums. Their early sound was greatly inspired by ska bands like Madness; honoring their influence by titling what became one of their earliest hit songs "Rakevet Laila Le-Kahir” ("Night Train to Cairo"), an homage to Madness' "Night Boat to Cairo", or "Geveret Sarah Hashchena" ("Miss Sarah, the Neighbour") which was inspired by the theme, and opening lyrics of Bob Dylan's "The Hurricane".


Their subsequent albums combined reggae, punk rock and Middle Eastern elements. Their album, "Ha'Amuta Le-Heker Hatmuta" ("The Society for the Study of Mortality") mixed sounds influenced by The Cure, "Miflatzot Ha-Tehila" ("The Monsters of Fame") combined sounds influenced by The Pixies, "Si Ha-Regesh" ("Emotional Peak") displayed the blues influence of Pink Floyd, and "Lehitra'ot Ne'urim Shalom Ahava" ("Goodbye Youth, Hello Love") has the anthemic quality of U2. Mashina’s lyrics tend to be cynical, and at times even humorous.The common themes evident in their work are those of alienation, the struggle of everyday life and the described desire for some form of physical or spiritual escape.


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