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Motek Artists

sh Ben Ari, is a pioneer in bringing the World Music Scene to the main stream in Israel. His music and performances are the celebration of groove & spirit, blending rock, soul, reggae and world music. His first 3 albums became best sellers, and his 4th live album is showing signs of the same direction. His most recent album was released in September 2009.


Mosh comes from a Yemenite and Iraqi Jewish background. He brings to his music the colours of his cultural heritage, and plays various string instruments such as Guitars, Indian Sarod, Persian Tar, Turkish Jumbush, Moroccan Ginberi and Bass. In 1997, he founded the famous Israeli world music band, Sheva who have released 4 albums and toured the world doing dozens of shows in the most prestigious festivals and events. Mosh Ben Ari is one of the most successful and respected singers in Israel, with his rich and unique voice that melts the hearts of so many in Israel, and around the world. He has successfully toured America and Europe and will be touring again later this year.


  • Myspace Long Shadow
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